Scene from the play 'Detroit'.

Philippa Dawson - Resume

07496 612890   |   |   5’4"   |   Mezzo Soprano

Spotlight Pin  7891-9089-7307  |  IMDB  7445934


Cluedo Club Killings            Jo                            Arcola Theatre

Why Not Us                          Sarah/Vicky            Space Theatre - Identity Collective

Time and the Conways       Hazel Conway        NLA Park Theatre

Fracking Problem?               Shelley                    Charly Clive

Salomé on the Rocks           Nurse                      Brooklyn Stage Co.

Robin Hood (World Premiere)         Crank                      Douglas Carter Beane
                                                                               Chor by Joey Pizzi

The Report (World Premiere)           Emma / Mrs Low    Alan Muraoka

On Prosperity (World Premiere)      Camilla                   Jonathan Bolt

Detroit                                   Mary                        Barbara Rubin 

The Night Season                Maud                       Lisa Milinazo

An Absolute Turkey             Mme Pontagnac     Barbara Rubin

Top Girls                              Joyce / Isabella        Susan Pilar

The Crucible                       Betty                          Jonathan Bolt


The Hidden (short)             Christine                     AJ Films

Halfway (mockumentary)  Natalie                       Collab Lab Films

Chintamani (short)              Sarah                          Black Fox Productions

A Mother (short)                 Evie Pacquet             NYU Films

Vandal (short)                     Gallery Guest            Felipe Vara de Rey

Fad Dieting in Teens         Self/Student               Human Relations Media

Got Skillz / Web Series      Stephanie                  Cutting Hedge Productions

A Chorus Line                    Kristine Ulrich            Upstage Theatre Company UK    

Walk Me                             Comedic Montage     I Ain’t Playin Films


Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) 2 Years Improv - 101, 201 301 

American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 2 Year Program. NY. (Angel Award)

Hereford College – Drama & Theatre Studies, UK(Head Girl)

Upstage Theatre Company, UK


Shakespeare, Improvisation, Proficient in IPA, British RP, General American (Additional Dialects upon request), Scottish Ceilidh Dancing, Fencing, Stage Combat, Clown, Mask, Viewpoints, Yoga.


Ran the 2015 New York City Marathon,

Worked at Buckingham Palace as a Lady’s Maid - 3 ½ Years. London. UK.